Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bindrune Thurisaz Hexsign for Protection

Mothers protect your home and children from negative vibrations

Women protect your home and loved ones from negative thoughts, ill wishes, negative energies and psychic attacks.

I created this Thurisaz Hex sign for just this purpose. I drew 6 Thurisaz runes on a piece of cardboard. One Thurisaz rune facing in each of the 6 directions and all connected. North, south, east, west, up and below.

When you hang it in your home, it will protect your home from negativity from the 6 positions.

Make your own or print out the one at the bottom of this page. Make identical copies (copy machine). Then place one Thurisaz Hex sign on the farthest (outward) northern wall; one Thurisaz Hex sign on the farthest southern wall; eastern wall; and western wall. Not on interior walls.

Place one on highest ceiling (attic?) one on the lowest floor (basement?). You want the walls in your home protected as far out as you can go.

Place them so that the Thurisaz Hex sign is facing outward, away from the house. You can tape or tack them behind pictures or drapes that are already hanging, if you do not want others to see them.


The Thurisaz Hexsign is a Rune of Protection . The rune Thurisaz is shaped like a thorn. Nature uses thorns for protection. Odin placed thorns around the Valkyrie Brunhild to protect her while she slept (sleeping beauty story).

You will be literally placing Rings of Protective Thorns, facing in the six directions, around your home.

They will not only keep out all unwanted negative vibrations and energies, but also unwanted negative people. The longer the Thurisaz Hexsign stays on the walls the stronger the protection gets.


Our ancestors painted hexsigns on their barns and over the doors of their homes.

I live in Pennsylvania Dutch country and I can still see barns with hexsigns on them. It is interesting that even the old abandoned barns, that still have hexsigns on them are standing tall and straight. The old barns that have no hexsigns on them (you can see where they have been removed) are falling apart.

Hexsigns are symbols and all symbols are keys to the creative energies of the universe within the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God).

Very sensitive people can place their hands or stand in front of a Hexsign and feel the energies flowing out of them.

The best way to study the runes is to concentrate upon their energies, not on the words written about them in a book.


Runes were never meant to be written nor for divination. They are Universal Creative Energies. They are keys you can use to open the doors to the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). You can attract health, wealth, love and protection into your life now.

Where ever you place a rune, the runic energies from the Quantum Ocean will flow outward.

Ther Universe, the Cosmic All, The Mind of God, the Quantum Ocean, the Well of Mimir are all synonymous with the Primal Energy Field that surrounds and makes up our physical reality.

We are all energy beings. All is energy. We can learn how to attract certain runic energies to better ourselves, now.

The Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) is where everything that ever was, is and will ever be exists. Whether we see, feel, hear, smell or even know what they are. There is no time in the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). Only the NOW.

The gods/goddesses of our ancestors still exist in the Quantum Ocean. All the runes exist there also. Each rune symbol on the physical plane, is a symbolic key, door, resonant frequency to an exact field of energy within the Quantum Ocean.

Rune Thurisaz connects to a runic energy field in the Quantum Ocean and radiates protection outward. The Thurisaz Hexsign attracts this energy and protects your home.

When Odin, the All-Father hung for 9 icy days and 9 icy nights on the Tree of Ygdrassil, he finally saw into the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). He then took out the runes, which have always existed and will always exist. He rediscovered them.


Thoughts are things. They are energies. You and your children are being constantly bombarded with negative thoughts (psychic attacks, envy, jealousy) from others, the TV and the media.

Outside power lines, cell towers, TV transmissions all emit dangerous negative vibrations (energies). The air is full of these harmful energies.

We are energy beings and these negative energies interfere with our aura (energy field). This causes illness and mental problems.

Your Thurisaz Hexsign will block many of these energies from entering your home.

Learn more about the Science of Orgone Generator Technology (Wilhelm Reich) and block these energies in your home coming out of the TV, phone, computers and ovens.

Our human nervous system was designed to handle only so many impressions (sight, smell, sound and touch) per day.

The amount of vibrations that the average child is submitted to via TV, phones, school, cell towers, media, videos etc etc etc is over whelming. It is dangerous to their health and well being.

Have you ever tried to force water from a hose into a balloon? What happens when you put in too much? The balloon bursts. That is what is happing to you, I, and the children. Their protective auras are about to burst. How many teenage suicides have taken place? Why? They are over loaded with negative thoughts and vibrations being sent through the air.

Even a steam driven ship and train has a safety valve to drain off too much steam so explosions will not happen. Where is this safety valve for the children?


Mother's protect yourselves and your home and your children. Slow down the harmful vibrations. Block them out with the Thurisaz Hexsign. Hang them today!

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
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